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2.5g Live Resin


Enjoy a gram of our designer dab wax which not only has a great taste, but is high in potency and ensures maximum healing.

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Our Live Resin is made from fresh, flash frozen cannabis buds in a closed loop hydrocarbon extraction. This process extracts all cannabinoids, little to no waxes & lipids. And is rich of the plants natural terpenes (smell & flavor). The product is then vacuum purged with temperatures not exceeding 33* Celsius for min. 48h to get rid of the residual Hydrocarbon. The FDA (America’s Health Authority) allows for residual Hydrocarbon per gram of <5000PPM (parts per million. We purge our product to <500PPM! >

Enjoy 2.5 gram of our Live Resin which is high in potency and ensures maximum healing.

Please see our Lab-Test result in the Link here > Domesticbliss DAB



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