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2g FECO (Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil) / RSO


Our FECO is manufactured utilizing food grade ethanol as extraction method and represents a aggressive dosing for cancer & pain patients. Please find the test result in this Link > Domesticbliss FECO


Our FECO is manufactured cannabis buds utilizing food grade ethanol (98%) in a process that’s referred to as “low temp extraction” which mostly prevents lipids and waxes to be extracted as this constituencies are undesirable for our FECO. The FECO has being fully activated with a process called ”Decarboxilation” where we convert the plants THCA into THC. Our FECO represents a aggressive dosing option for cancer & pain patients. The pain killing ability of FECO is just shy of the abilities of Morphine, however does not bear the same addiction Risk! Furthermore, FECO does not alter the bodies tolerance levels like morphine so you don’t have to take more and more to reach the desired effect!

Please see the following video of a cancer survivor for the for the correct application method of our product

For our Lab-Test results follow the Link here > Domesticbliss FECO

This unregistered medicine has not yet been evaluated by SAHPRA.


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