THC vs CBD oil: What you need to know

Cannabis or Medical Marijuana can be taken in several ways. It can be consumed as an edible substance by ingestion, or taken in through vaping, through the skin using topical creams or as suppositories. Smoking is not the only option for consuming cannabis. Although there are many methods of cannabis intake, the one that is becoming highly popular is through cannabis oil.

Some questions about its effects or how it can be consumed are:

  • How and when cannabis oil can be consumed or used?
  • Can I cook with it, and if yes, then how?

CBD Vs THC cannabinoids in Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil contains cannabinoids, the active compounds present in Cannabis. One of them, THC is both popular and notorious, because of its medicinal and psychoactive effects. Other than giving a high, it comes with extremely beneficial therapeutic effects too.

  • It helps glaucoma patients by decreasing intraocular pressure
  • It aids in reducing pain and sleep disturbances in people with multiple sclerosis
  • THC works as an antiemetic, helping patients overcome nausea and vomiting especially after chemotherapy.
  • It stimulates appetite in cancer patients

CBD or Cannabidiol, the other ingredient in the cannabis plant also comes with a great many benefits and without any psychoactive effects too. Its potency and medicinal benefits have made people change their opinions about the use of cannabis for treatment in the medical field. Some therapeutic effects of CBD include:

  • CBD aids in reducing and managing anxiety
  • It acts as an antiemetic
  • CBD contains antipsychotic effects, making it helpful in treatment
  • It helps in treatment of inflammation

How to Use Cannabis Oil?

Start Slow!

When you buy cannabis oil, look at the packaging to understand the percentage of both ingredients in the oil. This will help in knowing its potency. Each strain of cannabis produces different concentrations of these ingredients.

Here are some ratios for instance:

  • THC 5.0 mg/ml : CBD 5.0 mg/ml is a completely balanced blend
  • THC 30.0 mg/ml : CBD < 1mg/ml is THC- dominant
  • THC < 1 mg/ml : CBD 20.0 mg/ml is CBD – dominant

The cannabis oil available in the market comes with droppers, which helps in ensuring a standard dosage every time. It can be taken under the tongue or mixed with food.

Some suppliers make capsules with cannabis oil, which is a good way of controlling the dosage. Cannabis oil Topicals do not enter into the bloodstream, but directly into cannabinoid receptors and can help in localized pain and arthritis. The Cannabis oil produced in South Africa is generally ‘active’ – it can produce the therapeutic effect without having to vaporize or heat.

When Do I take Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oils go by the principle of producing a slow-acting and long-lasting effect on our body. Hence, it is recommended that you start ‘Low’ on it and go ‘slow’ to begin with.

Ingesting the oil will have longer effect. The effect itself will only start after an hour or two and it will last for 4-6 hours. Remember that while waiting for the effect; to not attempt to take a second dose before four hours have lapsed. Cannabis oil produces a longer and stronger effect than vaping or smoking since it is absorbed directly in the digestive system.

The dosage, although fixed, can be taken once – a few hours before bedtime – or slowly throughout the day. This depends on your condition, requirement and also the THC: CBD ratio in the product.

CBD or THC Rich Oil – What to choose?

While a product rich in THC will give a high, one with low THC may have a subdued effect. The choice of the product depends upon your sensitivity towards THC and your preference. CBD will ensure you get all the benefits therapeutic benefits without the high.

Cannabis oil can help in insomnia, chronic pain and many more ailments.

What Dosage to take?

Usually, one is advised to take a small amount of oil, the size of a rice grain, place it below the tongue and wait at least four hours to see how it affects you.

The standard dosage for cannabis oil is 10 milligrams. If you have a severe condition, a higher dosage might be required. Increase the dosage in small amounts.

Cannabis oil that you buy should always have the THC: CBD ratio on the packaging. This helps in making the right decision about potency.