The Medical Benefits of Cannabis

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana oil, also known as medical or medicinal cannabis oil, is derived from the buds of the cannabis plant. The dried leaves and buds of the cannabis plant can be smoked or ingested to create the desired effects. The cannabis plant comes equipped with as many as 70 cannabinoids or active compounds, each of which has different effects on the human bodies’ endocannabinoid system.

Although there are several cannabinoids present, the two essential ingredients, THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol or CBD are present in higher quantities. Usually, people who grow marijuana, look for strains that have either one of the ingredients in a higher concentration.

Both of these ingredients in medical marijuana have  therapeutic effects on the human body. 

THC causes psychoactive or psychotropic effects on the body and is generally preferred by recreational users. THC creates a feeling of high, or euphoria and has been found to stimulate appetite and enhance the senses. THC can also distort the sense of time for users and potentially impair driving and cognition skills.

CBD, on the other hand, does not give a ‘high’ associated with cannabis and possesses anti-psychoactive elements. CBD is used in various ailments and conditions and is proven by researchers to help treat many disorders, such as pain and epilepsy. CBD is also helpful in schizophrenia and other conditions. CBD is used in oils, gels and skin patches.

Medical marijuana sold on the market contains both THC and CBD in different ratios. The right combination of CBD and THC have found to be much more effective than CBD or THC alone. A study conducted in 2009 for treatment in advanced cancer pain has proven the potency of medical marijuana containing both the ingredients.

Medical Marijuana that does not give a high

When we need medicinal marijuana for its therapeutic effect, it is necessary to understand the relevance of the ratios of THC and CBD. The difference is – THC can give a high, CBD will not.

CBD can help in curing the problem without giving a high.

For those who want to feel euphoric and want to relax, THC rich medical marijuana can help in easing the symptoms. THC can also give an energy boost that you require to keep moving.

CBD Vs THC in Cannabis Oil

While THC has gained its popularity for giving a high, it also comes with some great medical benefits, such as:

  • THC aids in reducing nausea or vomiting symptoms after chemotherapy by acting as an antiemetic
  • THC helps in relieving or reducing pain and sleep disturbances for patients with multiple sclerosis
  • It helps stimulate appetite in patients suffering from cancer
  • Works for patients suffering from glaucoma, by reducing the intraocular pressure

The medical effects of CBD are well-known and have been well-researched. There has been an interestingly increasing number of studies about the effects of CBD in treatments such as cancer. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is entirely anti-psychotic, and can still work on its magic to help people in pain and distress. The medicinal benefits of CBD include:

  • CBD aids in managing anxiety and consistently reducing it over time
  • It is completely anti-psychotic and can be had any time of the day without a high
  • It works as an antiemetic, wherein it reduces the symptoms of vomiting and nausea, especially in cancer patients (after the chemotherapy)
  • It helps in treatment of inflammation