Medical Cannabis Oil by Domestic Bliss SA

We at Domestic Bliss SA provide the most potent, organically grown cannabis oil with THC. Our medical cannabis oil is extracted from the naturally grown strains, known for their enhanced medical effects and increased potency. With immeasurable health benefits, these medicinal cannabis oils have helped many overcome pain and other neurological symptoms related to arthritis, cancer and AIDS.

The purest form of Cannabis Oil to treat pain

THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol present in Cannabis oil is used by medical practitioners around the world to remove after-effects of chemotherapy in cancer affected patients. The THC in our cannabis oil is preserved in its natural state due to our modern extraction process. We collect the finest of our cannabis buds from different strains and use high quality extraction processes to ensure the originality and the essential ingredients in it are carefully preserved!

Organically Grown Products in South Africa

We at Domestic Bliss deliver our cannabis oil and other products all across the country. Wherever you are in South Africa, order online to get our medical cannabis oil delivered to your doorstep. Discretion is not just a word but a promise in our vocabulary!

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