Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis oil or Medical Marijuana is a plant extract, derived from the best buds from the cannabis plant. With its essential ingredients such as THC and CBD, the medicinal marijuana is said to have pain-relieving and brain-boosting properties and provide medically proven relief from pain related to cancer treatments.

Cannabis Oil for Pain Relief

One of our cannabis oils for pain relief is extracted from the local Swazi Gold strain, holding the right medicinal properties of the drug. This Medicinal marijuana oil promotes well-being and relaxation by relieving pain and stress related to disease and harmful treatments such as chemotherapy. Many of our customers report their psychotropic effect to have helped them relieve pain and anxiety.

Medical Marijuana in South Africa

We at Domestic Bliss SA, offer cannabis products such as cannabis oil and CBD oil throughout the country. We reach customers far and wide across South Africa, thereby helping them in their healing process. We deliver our products to your doorstep, and at the same time, ensure that it is done to utmost discretion. Your orders and details are safe with us – no saving of bank cards or details.

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